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The services of a criminal defense lawyer

– with many years of experience in the prosecutor’s office is a weighty argument in favor of the defended.

The ability to anticipate the actions of investigators allows to work  ahead of the curve.

The statistics speak for themselves:

  • 30% of cases handled by our criminal lawyer do not go to court;
  • 89% of cases end with a complete excuse for our client.

The assistance of a criminal defense attorney includes

♦ Representation of the client in court and in pre-trial proceedings

♦ Preparation of documents (petitions, statements, complaints, objections) for the courts and law enforcement agencies

♦ Collecting evidence in the case, interviewing witnesses, checking testimony

♦ Thorough analysis of materials and development of an effective protection strategy

♦ Communication with law enforcement agencies

Grandliga’s lawyers conduct an in-depth analysis of information on each case, getting as much involved in solving the client’s problems as possible.

If you have received a statement of claim, an invitation to talk to an investigator or a demand from the tax office – immediately seek the advice of a criminal lawyer.

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Early consultation in criminal matters helps to avoid imprudent statements during the investigation or court.
This means that it increases the likelihood of a favorable outcome of the case.

Our advantages

Competent specialists with knowledge of the matter. With experience in law enforcement, our lawyers are always one step ahead of prosecutors.

Protecting the interests of the client to the maximum. Criminal Lawyer Grandliga on guard of client's rights 24/7. We accompany you at all stages and in courts of all instances, preventing possible pressure from law enforcement agencies.

We provide advice and assistance to a lawyer in criminal cases in Ukraine and abroad. We work with individuals and legal entities.

The range of our services also includes an assessment of the risks of criminal prosecution, the study of the client's legal position, support and defense of a lawyer during a search and seizure.

The goal of Grandliga's criminal lawyers in Kiev is to protect the legal rights of a client in a case of any complexity.

Our team

Chabanov Andrey Alexandrovich


Specializes in international dispute resolution on debt collection and legalization of foreign judgments. He has many years of experience in defending clients’ interests in criminal, commercial, tax and administrative disputes. Supports a wide range of issues related to doing business in Ukraine.


won court cases

Protsyuk Boris Borisovich


Specializes in the development and implementation of strategies to protect real estate and businesses from raider attacks. Qualifiedly carries out legal expertise in the field of contract law. Has extensive experience in judicial protection of individuals and legal entities from illegal actions of state bodies.


successfully implemented cases of countering raider takeovers

Krymskiy Pavel Sergeyevich


Specializes in pre-trial settlement of international disputes. Professionally accompanies international transactions from negotiations to signing contracts. Has significant experience in the banking / financial services market.


successfully resolved international disputes at the stage of pre-trial settlement

Sinyaeva Svetlana Olegovna


Specializes in advising clients on issues arising in the process of creating, using and disposing of intellectual property. Provides support for litigation regarding the international protection of intellectual property.


registered objects of intellectual property

Tyumentseva Tatyana Yuryevna


Specializes in supporting commercial activities related to the construction, acquisition or sale of real estate. Provides judicial protection of clients’ interests in family and administrative disputes. Has practical experience in providing legal assistance in registration, liquidation, takeover, merger of companies.


Successfully implemented cases for support of construction projects

Martynenko Mariya Olegovna


Specializes in the enforcement of court decisions. Has extensive experience in drafting procedural documents and drafting contracts. Accompanies a number of questions regarding the interaction of business with government agencies.


prepared procedural documents

Belova Olga Ivanovna


Specializes in the preparation of procedural documents and assistance to a attorney in providing them with legal assistance. Candidate of Historical Sciences. Has significant experience in the judiciary.


listened trials


    Согласие на обработку персональных данных. Политика конфиденциальности

    More about the service

    Protection from criminal prosecution is a legal service that consists in collecting and substantiating evidence confirming the innocence of the object of criminal prosecution. The main goal of the Grandliga’s criminal lawyer is to protect the interests and rights of the client, regardless of his procedural status.

    Legal advice in criminal matters is provided to suspects, accused, defendants and victims in criminal proceedings.

    Our lawyers provide defense at various stages of the case:

    • Pre-trial investigation. This stage is the most important, because it is at this stage that the development of a defense or attack strategy, the collection of evidence and piece of evidence. Therefore, the services of a lawyer at the beginning of the pre-trial stage can be crucial for the client.
    • Judicial consideration. At this stage, the role of a lawyer is to perform a number of procedural actions aimed at prompting the court to doubt the arguments of the opponent and, conversely, to convince of his position and bring the court to the decision necessary for the client.
    • Execution of a sentence or other court decision. At this stage, a criminal lawyer helps to resolve issues of parole from serving a sentence, amnesty, pardon.

    We professionally ensure the observance of rights in criminal proceedings, prepare documents for various applications and protect the interests of our clients.