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Grandliga Legal Team

– will help to solve the most difficult legal issues. We give exclusively objective recommendations, based on the current legislation in force, carefully work out the line of defense and make sure that your legal rights are respected 24/7!

In any situation when you need legal advice – feel free to contact us. Our attorneys successfully apply their experience and knowledge from various branches of law to defend Grandliga’s clients.

legal advice
in Ukraine and abroad

We provide legal advice on issues related to:

♦ doing business

♦ criminal prosecution

♦ family disputes

♦ contractual relationship

♦ representation of interests in court of any level (in Ukraine and abroad)

debt collection (in Ukraine and abroad)

Grandliga’s attorneys study in detail the information on the client’s case, drawing up a professional opinion with a step-by-step strategy for effectively solving the problem in the shortest possible time.

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Our advantages

Confidentiality. We can provide anonymous legal consultation with a visit to the client or in the office of the company.

Immediate immersion in business. Grandliga's professionals carefully study the information received, drawing up a legal view of the situation, and realistically assessing the prospects for a favorable outcome on the client's issue.

Legal advice on the legislation of other states. We resolve issues at the international level, involving our lawyers from the respective country.

Practicing lawyers of a wide profile. Our team includes lawyers with many years of experience (law enforcement agencies, judicial system, executive services) and the most relevant knowledge in jurisprudence.

Have your rights been violated or is there a legal problem?

Grandliga's lawyers find a way out even from desperate situations

Our team

Chabanov Andrey Alexandrovich


Specializes in international dispute resolution on debt collection and legalization of foreign judgments. He has many years of experience in defending clients’ interests in criminal, commercial, tax and administrative disputes. Supports a wide range of issues related to doing business in Ukraine.


won court cases

Protsyuk Boris Borisovich


Specializes in the development and implementation of strategies to protect real estate and businesses from raider attacks. Qualifiedly carries out legal expertise in the field of contract law. Has extensive experience in judicial protection of individuals and legal entities from illegal actions of state bodies.


successfully implemented cases of countering raider takeovers

Krymskiy Pavel Sergeyevich


Specializes in pre-trial settlement of international disputes. Professionally accompanies international transactions from negotiations to signing contracts. Has significant experience in the banking / financial services market.


successfully resolved international disputes at the stage of pre-trial settlement

Sinyaeva Svetlana Olegovna


Specializes in advising clients on issues arising in the process of creating, using and disposing of intellectual property. Provides support for litigation regarding the international protection of intellectual property.


registered objects of intellectual property

Tyumentseva Tatyana Yuryevna


Specializes in supporting commercial activities related to the construction, acquisition or sale of real estate. Provides judicial protection of clients’ interests in family and administrative disputes. Has practical experience in providing legal assistance in registration, liquidation, takeover, merger of companies.


Successfully implemented cases for support of construction projects

Martynenko Mariya Olegovna


Specializes in the enforcement of court decisions. Has extensive experience in drafting procedural documents and drafting contracts. Accompanies a number of questions regarding the interaction of business with government agencies.


prepared procedural documents

Belova Olga Ivanovna


Specializes in the preparation of procedural documents and assistance to a attorney in providing them with legal assistance. Candidate of Historical Sciences. Has significant experience in the judiciary.


listened trials


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    More about the service

    Consulting a lawyer with a detailed analysis and action plan for individuals and legal entities in Kiev and abroad!

    The first, and most correct step in solving any problem is a properly chosen specialist. Our lawyers are guided by the current law and  the result, working out in detail the client’s question from different legal positions. We are always on your side and find the most effective action plan.

    We strongly recommend ordering a legal consultation if you:

    • become a participant in a legal issue and want to protect your interests;
    • got ready to launch a new project or have already launched it;
    • are solving personnel issues (everything related to labor relations);
    • supervisory authority is going to visit you with a checking;
    • are buying, selling or want to transform a working business in Ukraine or abroad;
    • want to calculate the risks in contractual disputes or choose the optimal taxation model for your business;

    Or, if you just need a consultation with a lawyer on a personal issue (buying a car, real estate, family disputes, etc.).

    You can be sure that solving your current problem with our help will not entail the emergence of new controversial points. Grandliga Law Firm is a guarantee of a positive outcome of any legal task.

    For the convenience of our clients, legal advice takes place by appointment.